L&M Arts

​Fine Art Jewelry
Hand Fabricated, one-of-a-kind and a  Special Series of nature jewelry and other works  in Argentium sterling silver, 14k gold, 24k keum boo, Rose gold, enamels, natural stone and fossils.
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L&M Arts or Laurel & Michael Davern ....  husband and wife team working together to create our unique hand crafted jewelry to sell at Art shows, on line and in exclusive gift shops.

Born and raised on the East Coast.
Our Studio space is split between our Lancaster/Home studio and our Central Florida/Home studio.

Our passion is to create unique pieces of wearable fine art.

We are continuously on the path to learning our craft.  We read, experiment and teach ourselves most of what we know today.  Over the past 15 years we have been able to study with some of the master artisans in our mediums and have learned and continue to learn new techniques, as we grow,  so will our designs

We have many roads to travel and many things to learn.......We thank you for being a part of the continuing of L&M Arts.........